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Everest News Coverage 2010'

Meet Everest 2010' team mentors; Nasuh Mahruki and Yilmaz Sevgul

Ali Nasuh Mahruki (Turkish) is returning to Everest to celebrate his 15th anniversary of the First Turkish climber to summit Mount Everest and then some. 

Nasuh is a professional mountain climber, writer, photographer and motivational speaker. He is the co-founder and president of AKUT (Search and Rescue Association. AKUT is a volunteer based search and rescue team. 

He started mountaineering when he was 20 and high altitude climbing at 24. When he was 26, after completing the ascents of five 7000 meter peaks in Pamir and Tien Shan mountains, he became one of the few western climbers who are given the prestigious "Snow leopard" title by the Russian Mountaineering Federation. It is not yet repeated by another Turkish climber. At the age of 27, when we (Tim and Becky) first met him, he became the first Turkish and the first muslim climber in the world who has climbed Mount Everest. When he was 28, he completed the "Seven Summits" project, he became the youngest climber to do so. He made the highest sole ascent of Turkey on 8210m high Mount Cho Oyu, the 6th highest mountain in the world. He climbed 8516m high Mount Lhotse, the 4th highest mountain in the world. He climbed 8611m Mount K2, the second highest and according to many, the most difficult and dangerous mountain in the world. This ascent is not yet repeated by Turkish climbers. All thes 8000m were first Turkish ascents and the last three were without supplementary Oxygen.   

His books published in Turkish are; “Bir Dağcının Güncesi - Diary of an Alpinist”, “Everest’te İlk Türk - First Turk on Everest”, “Bir Hayalin Peşinde - In Search of a Dream”, “Asya Yolları, Himalayalar ve Ötesi - Roads of Asia, Himalayas, and Beyond”;  “Yeryüzü Güncesi - Earth Diary”; “Vatan Lafla Değil Eylemle Sevilir - Motherland is Loved by Actions not by Empty Words”.

Yilmaz Sevgul (Turkish), long time climbing partner celebrates with Nasuh on Everest this year. Yilmaz also a mountain rescue professional  and vice president of AKUT. Important climbs to note are; Kahn-Tengri in Tien-Shan mountains, 7010, meters, Turkish National Team. Expedition of Russian Caucasus Mountains, First Turkish ascent to six mountains between 4000-5000m. Mt. Demanvend (5671m) in Iran, north-east face First Turkish winter Ascent. Mt. Muztagh Ata (7548m) in Chinese Pamir, First Turkish Ascent with ski tour. Mount-Blanc (488m) France Alps, winter climbing. Mt. Ararat (5167m) for 14 times (seven winter and seven summer?  Several First Traditional big wall climbing (between 400m-1200m long).

Photo: Left- Nasuh, Right- Yilmaz

Khalid Sulaiman Alsiyabi (Omani) 37, is from Sultanate of Oman. He is married to Iman , they have three boys (Ahmed, Sameh and Sami). He is an athletic since he was in the university; he has participated in many seminars and championships in Track and Field events in different countries.

Khalid AlSiyabi, the Omani adventurer, was graduated from Sultan Qaboos University in 1994 and is currently working as Director General of Information Technology in the Ministry of Education. He has participated in different seminars, conferences, exhibitions and workshops in IT field in countries from all over the world. He has achieved remarkable accomplishments in his career by developing the ICT projects and initiatives at MOE schools. Having worked devotedly with committed and innovated efforts, MOE is witnessing nowadays a highly effective penetrated ICT educational environment.

His dream to raise the Omani flag on the top of the world was the first torch to his passion for climbing. With his strong ambition, correct planning and constant will and determination, he decided to fulfil the dream. He had undertaken a rigorous training regime since January 2009 focusing on running, weight lifting, climbing and cycling. In November 2009 he joined the international expedition by Peak freaks, climbed Mount Pumori in Nepal (7145m) and is the first Omani to have done this.

 He wishes to achieve the conquest of Everest as a matter of personal ambition and for national pride. To be the first Omani to reach to the summit of Everest would contribute to defining the image of Oman on the international stage. Also, to help establish Oman as a destination for adventure tourism, climbing and mountaineering in particular; helping the international climbing community discover the unique challenges of the mountains of Oman.  

 His target is to be a role model for the youth of Oman; encouraging them to follow their dreams and ambitions. He is trying to call the attention to the Omani community to some of customs and traditions that is being practiced which contributes to the damage of the local environment. He gives lectures encouraging the Omani youth to invest their hobbies and abilities to serve the country. He has activities trying to protect the local environment. Everest is just the beginning and the journey will be continued with other forthcoming challenging events!!


"Fergus White, (Irish) 37, is from Dublin Ireland. He’s trying to climb Everest simply because it’s there. The highest he has been before is 6,300m on Mt Pumori last year, also with Peak Freaks. Off the mountains, he has spent the last 10 years working on banking IT projects around the world. He’ s worked in about 10 countries and travelled to about 40 countries in that time. He’s single and ordinarily would sooner be on a beach with a beer than stuck up a mountain in the snow."



"Amit Kotecha", (British) husband and father of three. 

Training inside a freezer might not be everybody's cup of tea, but for one dentist it is just another day at the office.

Fund-raiser Amit Kotecha has begun training inside an industrial freezer in shivering temperatures of -28C as he prepares to climb Mount Everest.And after completing his first session on an exercise bike, he said it was not cold enough. Amit, 41, will set off for Everest in March, and hopes to raise £100,000 for Cancer Research UK by scaling the 29,000ft peak.

His mother, Mira, died of cancer 20 years ago, aged just 42, and the oral surgeon, from Kirby Muxloe, has been raising money for the charity ever since.

Check out Amit's fund raising website and to donate:  http://www.caredentalsurgery.co.uk/everest/video.html


"Pete Solie -( American) One of the luckiest guys milling around the planet.  He's married to the lovely Kathryn Aasen.  "Honey I know our anniversary is coming June 5th.  If all goes well, I'll be back on time with the Yak cheese you've sent me in search of!"  Pete appreciates his Scandinavian heritage and figures this climb is all about fulfilling some instinctive Norse right of passage, like spawning without the mating then dying part.  He's from good stock growing up in the U.S. and has enjoyed a stupendous career in the Air Force.  He's passionate about the environment and will be seeking Jazz drum lessons upon his return home.  Ask him about running, space, and hotdogs and you've got a friend.  Fortunate to have all of his needs met, along with friends, family and good health, he's full of piss, vinegar and gratitude.  More than anything else, Pete hopes to bring smiles to his expedition team and extra oomph when it's needed most.  What he hopes to return with from this grand adventure, is to have beaten back fear, to have listened and learned from others, made a few more friends and to have given them something in return, with a renewed passion for the next chapter in life.  He carries the nickname Publius Festus, has a smashed penny collection and hopes to be driving an old '46 Chevy pick up truck in city parades with his wife and bulldog, Mr. Brutus.  He considers himself more of a city mouse and if you were to look into his future, he'll be living near the ocean, traveling the world in wonder and merriment, picking up trash along the way.  Cheers to anyone reading this, and if you've got time, he'll have the beer."


"Mark "Mango" Mangles (Australian) is a electronics engineering currently working as the Information and Communications Technology Manager for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in north Queensland , Australia .  He is married to Brigid and has two children, Steven 22 and Nicole 18.   Mango has a passion for the outdoors and adventure and each year leads a youth expedition to a developing country for a month.  He has many years of climbing experience mainly in Australia and New Zealand .  In 2007 Mango made his first trip to Nepal and become the first to summit the newly opened Baden Powell Peak (5718m).  In 2008 he attempted Mt Pumori with Peak Freaks but conditions unfortunately made summiting not possible.  As well as climbing, Mango enjoys kayaking, scuba-diving, bushwalking, caving and anything adventurous."    

"Adventure before dementia"

"TA Loeffler" - (Canadian) Everest 2010: Mountain of Learning
Climbing the world’s highest peak requires a mountain of inspiration. For my second attempt on Everest, I am looking to my Oma, my grandmother Frida Loeffler, for the power, confidence, and strength to tackle such an enormous challenge again. In taking on Everest once more, I know much more clearly the sacrifice, the pain, and the focus required to climb the world’s highest mountain. It is that clear picture that makes it both harder and easier to choose to go back. It is in finding my way through the joys and sorrows of starting over again that I will turn to my Oma for motivation for I know how often she has had to start again.

I am naming my Everest Expedition “Mountain of Learning.” This name is imbued with multiple meanings. For me, the path of climbing mountains has been a deeply spiritual one. I look to learn from all parts of the expedition from training to approach to the actual climb. I am also an educator. A huge part of this journey has been sharing my learning from the mountains with students both young and old. I will continue with my youth outreach programs encouraging young people to be physically active and to have big dreams.  In partnership with Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador, we invite you to participate in the "Step UP to the Summit" challenge.  Visit http://www.recreationnl.com/smallstepsbigresults/challenges.php to sign up.

The life lessons on this path have been steep and have moved me to greater understandings of many aspects of my life. This path has also allowed me to give back to the community who supports me through some fundraising efforts. My aim in going back to Everest is to continue to seek learning and share it as it comes. In celebration of Oma’s life and love of learning and in fulfilling a decade’s old dream, I am establishing an award at Memorial University of Newfoundland. The award is called the Everest 2010 Mountain of Learning Experiential Education Award.

This endowed award will support students in pursuing experiential education opportunities in support of their degree programs. I often hear of students wanting to seek out experiential opportunities but the cost stands as a barrier. My dream is that the award will reduce some of the obstacles to such experiences and inspire students to enrich their studies by getting outside the classroom.  I will be blogging daily from the mountain about the lessons Everest is teaching me...you can read the blog at www.taloeffler.com.  When I am not climbing mountains, I teach outdoor recreation at Memorial University of Newfoundland.


"Lucille deBeaudrap" (Canadian) I have been asked on many occasions and it is the one question asked by every school that is following my blog: why do I want to climb Mount Everest? The answer is certainly not as simple as just "because it is there". I will attempt to give you a bit of insight into my thoughts. It all started with my bucket list I created when I was in school.

1. Climb to the top of Mount Everest
2. Run the Boston Marathon
3. Have a career
4. Build a house in the woods without power or running water (!)
5. Hang glide
6. Own a motorcycle

Now these are not just items that I wanted to do once to tick off my list, but rather they have become a large part of my life. I have been running for most of my life, and back in the mid-70's when I wrote this list, Boston was the marathon to run. I have run two marathons, but my old knees won't stand up to training for another marathon.
I have spent the last 23 years on my career, and I have two fabulous jobs, one of which I frequently get asked when am I going to give it up so that they can have my job! Never is of course the response.
I'll skip #4 because I live in the real world...but trekking in Nepal comes pretty close to this.
I tried hang gliding, but turned to Paragliding instead. I have been doing this for the past 16 years and really love it. And for the motorcycle, I love riding on the back of Ted's goldwing, and two years ago I took lessons and bought my own bike. I can't wait to get back in June and take her out.
What is the common thread? Most of these require training, effort, discipline and a certain amount of self reliance. The benefit of all of these is that I have extended families related to all these various activities.
Now for Everest, well I have spent as much time in the mountains as I can over the past 4-5 years, learning as much as I can from anyone willing to teach me. It has been a great journey so far, but it's not over. Follow along as I make my way.


Carina Räihästä (Finnish) attempting to be the First Finnish women to summit Mount Everest. 

"Only a handful have been conducted by Finnish subjects, Mount Everest, and not known yet, none of Finnish women have even tried to climb the world's highest mountain. Globally, only a few women have stood atop Mount Everest. Carina's historic and unique project is called Tango Expedition 2010.

I had always dreamed of going to all the world to interesting places, where it would be time and opportunity. I also dreamed that, then I can make them important things of which I had dreamed about since infancy. I was going to sport more than ever before and to live more healthily than ever before. Early years I went traveling and made athletics important. Sometimes, I returned to Finland to participate in various volunteer work in WWF forces as head of the oil spill response training and photographing events for the Environment Agency. Liberty and made a healthy life for their mission, I found creativity blossom for the first time in years, and I began to need new thinking. All of this lightness suddenly rose to the middle of a desire to challenge myself and try to climb the world's highest mountain.


Nawal Saigal (British) What can I tell you about me? I was born and brought up all over India. My father was in the army so we travelled every 5 years. We went for tiger shoots, played horse polo and life was fun. Then I joined the Merchant Navy and travelled around the world, leaving the Merchant Navy as a chief engineer in the British Merchant Navy. I then started my own Finance business, selling Insurance door to door. Today I run a successful business, the only thing is I enjoy life so much, that I earn a lot; but am always broke. I have done a lot of sports from deep sea diving to husky drives, ice climbing etc. My claim to fame is that I drove from London to St Petersburg in 1996, then London to China, in a single car, my Austin Healey in 1997, to raise  money for the Children of Chernobil. My hobbies are many, such as painting, sketching, bit of guitar playing, reading ( no fiction), gardening, photography and sports. At my age sports is gym.


Ade Pettitt (British)- 47 years old, is a Mechanical Engineer. His work takes him all over the world. The most recent he was living and working in Ethiopia. When he lived in Tanzania he climbed Kilimanjaro. Other climbs include Ben Nevis several times and various hikes around Spain and the USA. We have been talking to Ade for several years following his progress while he healed from an serious leg injury that left him wondering if he would ever be able to climb. Today he is a new man, rock solid and demonstrated that to us when he joined our Mt. Pumori Training climb in 2008. 




More coming as we get them!

- Tim Ripple for the benefit of finding a common spelling mistake used when searching Everest on search engines. 




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