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Available to "ALL" climbers  and adventure seekers  worldwide.

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Sometimes calling "911" just isn't possible.


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  • April 1
  • May 1
  • October 11

the body and mind...
"If you walk the trails of Nepal,
you will know what Buddhist dharma is all about." Tengboche Ringboche


All proceeds from our October 11, 2015 trek will go to support the people in the Khumbu and the Home Away Home.  

If you ever wanted to go, or didn't go due the recent earth quake, your participation couldn't more important as it is now. 

Peak Freaks Rippel Effect in Nepal : rippeling.blogspot.ca  (our aid project launches)


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Mt. Everest Training Climb

A unique opportunity to combine the comforts of
teahouse trekking with 1-2 nights stay at base camp expedition style. 


Trek high into the Everest region of Nepal along the original Everest climbing expedition route. Our journey is a leisurely walking holiday allowing plenty of time to get acquainted with the traditional Sherpa villages, Sherpa people and their customs. Absorb the beauty of the surrounding countryside and the magnificent mountain backdrop. 

When we have an expedition in progress on Everest, we invite you to join the climbing expedition at base camp for a rare opportunity to be be part  life on a major expedition. If we don't have an expedition in operation then we retreat to the cozy comforts of the lodge at Gorak Shep to sleep. 

Trip Dates Cost Availability and more information

Everest Base Camp


April 1 and May 1 each year. 
  • Both dates include Everest Base Camp Stay
  • April- go in with climbers
  • May - Sherpa Culture trek
$2980US -17 days Email - availability

Everest Base Camp


October 11 each year. $2980US -17-days Email- availability


Everest Base Camp


  • Standard lodge trek
  • Luxury lodge trek
  • $2980US - 17 days
  • $3344US- 17 days
Email- availability

Don't see a date that works for you? 

It only takes a few friends to form a group! If you want your own private Mt. Everest Base Camp trek or custom tour with as many as 4 friends, family members or colleagues or even just yourself, we can create a special trip on the day and duration of your choice. You may even consider a multi-sport adventure.

food at everest base camp
Kala pattar summit
ITINERARY: October 11 to October 29 each year.    
  • October  11: Arrival Kathmandu, transfer to our base camp Hotel.
  • October  12: Guided sightseeing tour of Kathmandu, afternoon on your own to explore/rest.
  • October  13: Departure to Lukla airstrip, commence trek to Phakding
  • October  14: Trek to Namche Bazaar- 11,200 feet
  • October  15: Acclimatization hike to Kunde and Khumjung, return to Namche.
  • October  16: Trek to Tengboche, visit the monastery and chant with the monks.
  • October  17: Trek to Pangboche, overnight in Sherpa lodge. A visit to the monastery, check out the Yeti scull.
  • October  18: Trek to Dingboche, 14,800 feet- overnight in Sherpa lodge.
  • See the new itinerary details here.   We now offer you one or two nights expedition style at our Everest Boot Camp training camp located at Island Peak base camp.


When it come to trekking, no other country in the world offers adventures as impressive a choice of trails as Nepal. From the moderate to the rigorous, and from sherpa teahouse to expedition style treks, Nepal is indeed synonymous with the word "trek".

In the Himalaya, trekking for pleasure is a relatively new phenomenon. It was not until 1953, when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa scaled Mount Everest that it was put on the map as a mountaineers and trekkers destination. Many people still do not know that trekking does not have to be agonizingly difficult. Peak Freak treks follow old time tested trails with newly improved and very comfortable lodges and homes we use along the way. All have heat and today many have installed indoor toilets and showers. If your selected itinerary includes a stay at base camp, you will see that our standards of comfort are considered luxurious. We have heat in our base camp dinning tent and enjoy a variety of foods that include organic fresh vegetables, fruit and baking prepared by our base camp cook. 



      PEAK FREAK EXPEDITIONS INC. is owner operated by High Altitude Guide Tim Rippel and his wife Becky Rippel from Nelson, B.C. Canada. Peak Freaks is a distinctive addition to the Nepalese world of treks and climbing expeditions. With 23 years experience and 52 Himalayan expeditions, they have introduced Nepal as their mountaineering destination. Exploring old time-tested trails in more ways than one and developing lasting relationships between their guests and Sherpa families of friends is what they claim to be adept at. Their base camp trekking clientele varies from the individual traveler to small groups of expedition base camp support trekkers, including associations, researchers and educational trips. They have managed to generate a steadily increasing clientele from all over the world.


  • Our ability to offer affordable expeditions with first class infrastructure all while maintaining small team sizes. 
  • Our personal touch! It is the same people who you talk to when planning and booking your expedition that run the expedition, climb along side you on the mountain and not from base camp or a remote office. 
  • Our relationship with the people of the country: Our family of friends become your family of friends. During our 17 years in the Himalayas we have become very close with our climbing Sherpa families. Today many of their children are now training to become our climbing Sherpas. We are family, grown and have learned so many life values together that we share with you.
  • Our safety record: Climbing and trekking worldwide and other extreme sports while maintaining a flawless record. 
  • Combination expeditions: Making it possible for people interested in the Sherpa climbing culture and life on a major mountaineering expedition the opportunity to be part of it. An opportunity for family and friends to join their loved ones on this type of exciting adventure without needing to have climbing skills. 
  • Tim, mountain guiding since he graduated from high school, Becky, a group international travel specials since graduation. It has been a way of life and this is all we do, and absolutely yes,  it is a ton of fun!


     "We are small but our success is big. To help members reach their individual goals safely, while enjoying an intimate mountain experience, we choose to keep it that way".

     For a brief bio on Tim and Becky click the following links:  Tim Rippel    -    Becky Rippel



Sherpa Lodges

Our Lodge Treks Offer the Best of Both Worlds - Great Routes and Comfortable Accommodation

The development of locally managed lodges along the popular trekking trails in the Annapurna, Everest and Langtang/Helambu areas have resulted in an increasing number of trekkers making use of these facilities. In recent years with the help of Government as well non-Government agencies many of these lodge owners have gone through training programs aimed at raising the quality of services as well as instilling environmental awareness. For example in the Annapurna Sanctuary and adjacent areas it is now regulation for all lodge owners to use alternative fuel (fuel other than fire wood - kerosene, gas, electric or even solar) for cooking and heating, dispose of garbage properly and adopt other eco-friendly measures. Most lodges have all the basic requirements for trekkers to stay overnight - a dormitory, several private rooms, an attached restaurant, toilet and a shower room. The quality of food offered might vary from lodge to lodge but most serve simple and hygienic meals.

Peak Freak Expeditions Inc. has found it very attractive for trekkers to use these lodges on the routes instead of operating camping style treks. One of the main reason being that along these popular routes almost every house offers bed and meals and many camping trekkers find it incongruous to camp near a lodge and not be able to experience the warmth and hospitality of the friendly Sherpa hosts. The other important reason being that this helps the local economies directly by using the facilities along the trail.

To make sure that our guests do not get disappointed we stay in a comfortable and interesting lodge in each place. With larger groups we reserve all the beds in a lodge thus making sure that we have the place to ourselves. Quite often our lodge trekkers are overwhelmed- by the homey atmosphere and the grace of our hosts and many have made great friends with our friends for many years.

If you have an urge to trek in some of the most beautiful places in Nepal, interact and make friends with the local people without having to sleep in a cold and lonely tent, Lodge Trekking is just the thing for you.


                                        Nepalese Food-Sherpa Food a Food Fiesta

                                            Nepal serves cuisine from around the world! Kathmandu Market

As facilities for travelers in Nepal are ever improving so too is the variety and quality of food being offered. Fifteen years ago, visitors to Nepal had a choice of rice and lentils (dal bhat) or lentils and rice.  Today, it is not uncommon to find items as diverse as Norwegian Salmon, Cajun chicken and imported sashimi on the menus of Kathmanduís finer hotels and restaurants.  Authentic Italian pizza is available, cooked in a wood pizza oven by a genuine Neapolitan. Ice creams, Austrian sausages, French baguettes, and Spatzle are all part of the ever expanding Kathmandu kitchen.

 Even outside of the capital one can find good food. The lakeside resort town of Pokhara is filled with restaurants serving Continental and Asian food Even Mexican dishes are known to make it onto the menus. Along the popular trekking trails as well are plenty of teashops and lodges with surprisingly diverse menus.

  In the mountains, it is generally better to stick to dishes prepared with traditional ingredients. This is not necessarily bad, as tin the Everest region potatoes are the staple, while around the Annapurnas, rice is more common.

 South Asian fare is certainly a worthwhile cuisine to explore. Traditional Nepalese, Newar and Indian restaurants are for good reason among Kathmanduís most popular spots.  Tandoor specialties and succulent rice dishes from India, steaming hot momo dumplings from Tibet, and a vast assortment of dals and curries from Nepal offer exciting flavors to initiate the neophyte into the sophisticated world of South Asian spices.

 Delicious as they are, some people may find them difficult to digests, Knowing oneís intestinal limits can save a lot of internal grief as some bodies simply are not accustomed to the richness of South Asian sauces or the heat of local chili peppers.  


  "We are small but our success is big. To help members reach their individual goals safely, while enjoying an intimate mountain experience, we choose to keep it that way".



                                                      Photo: A few of our friends you will meet in the Khumbu, Everest Region.


                                                           Tim Ripple for the benefit of finding a common spelling mistake used when searching Everest on search engines. 

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